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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

10 Ideas To Show Off Kids’ Artwork

If you have a serial creative bub like I do, you’ll quickly find yourself swamped with the finest pieces of art and no more wall space to hang them. So what to do with all this finery? I asked my likeronies and composed this list of cool things to do with your kiddo’s artwork.

Image: Guano on Flickr
  1. Frame it: With a carefully chosen frame, your child’s art might give the finest contemporary art pieces a bit of competition
  2. Wall Collage: Designate a wall to make a huge collage of all your children’s artwork, you can add and retract as you go along and it will become an ever changing art piece in itself
  3. Gift It: Again, with a pretty frame, the pieces your kid has done may please grandma or uncle for christmas or birthday presents
  4. Wrap It: If your child regularly splashes over big pieces of paper, keep them to wrap gifts, they make lovely personalized wrapping papers.
  5. Arty Boxes: Stick the artwork on all sides and the lid of shoeboxes and voilà! You’ve got yourself a marvelous box to put where all can see and hide all your treasures
  6. Season’s Greetings: With a bit of imagination, a pot of glue and some scissors, you can cut out shapes from their art, stick it on heavy paper you have folded into cards or on premade blank cards and with little effort you made amazing seasonal greetings or menu cards (Or of course birthday cards, birth announcements...).
  7. Reuse: Using art to make art? Why not. Keep the odd paintings and colorings to reuse for collages and cut-outs
  8. Art Cupboard: Mix and match some sheets of art and stick them to the back of the interior of a cupboard or closet, so you’ll have a very funky and original inside
  9. Historic Binder: Keep some of your child’s best work in a binder or organizer, which you keep on the coffee table to show off to friends and relatives every time they come along, it will also give you a beautiful overview of your child’s progress in the plastics and something to sell for big bucks when your child becomes a famous painter
  10. Multi-Frame: Some stores now offer frames that hold multiple drawings of the same size, to switch and revamp the deco every time you feel like it. If you can’t find such a frame, you can easily make one yourself (at least if you have some woodworking skills and the tools to do so).



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