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Friday, October 11, 2013

Your Busy, Their Busy (rerun)

How often do we parents brush off our children’s requests for our attention with a “Not now, I’m busy!”. I sincerely believe that, when you result to saying such a thing to your child, you are indeed ‘busy’. For the record, I say it too (well, I’ll say “Yes, but I will first finish...” and only if my finishing it is really important - like I just have to push post or I am in the middle of a sentence, or otherwise my meatloaf will burn), but I didn’t ant to write about which busy is valid and which is not.

Image: Flik on Flickr

What I do want to write about in this post is respect.

If we want our child to respect our ‘busy‘ and not throw a fit because we can’t immediately drop what we are doing, we must in turn pay our children that same respect.
We must accept that sometimes they are busy too.

Even if their busy does not seem important to us, their ‘busy’ is worth just as much as our ‘busy’. From their point of view, your tapping on a keyboard or stirring in a pot is just as interruptible as their games are to us.

So if they say they are busy, give them the time they need to wrap up. Do not feel undermined or attacked because they don’t respond to you immediately. After all, you are not running an armed force. You are running a household. And you do the same to them.



  1. Hi there. I've only just started reading your blog but already it has been a source of inspiration.

    Respect for your children is so important. I have an amazing relationship with my parents and this is very much based on the fact they showed me respect growing up. I remember being given a 5 minute warning for meals and being told that if I was too busy then I would have to deal with the cold food myself. It taught me respect for others AND consequences at the same time. Another key part of respect that sticks out in my mind is that my parents always knocked on my bedroom door before entering.

    I remember going to friend's homes and being shocked at the lack of respect there. My friends were a lot less confident than I was in their own homes. It still surprises me when parents in public shout at their children that their children don't respect them. I always think that it could just be because the children aren't receiving any respect themselves!

    Anyway, this comment has become an essay. Thanks for all your inspiring posts :)

  2. Hi Mamapoekie As always you have another viewpoint on things! And what you say rings true!
    Thanks for this! :D


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