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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sunday Surf

  • Natural Papa shares a great post about creative thinking, and how we lose that ability through schooling.
  • Everything you need to know about gluten, a very interesting read on Experience Life
  • How to prevent and treat mastitis, naturally, on Keeper of The Home
  • You're spoiling your child, you will reap the seeds. Really? "Fear of Spoiling" by John Holt discusses this common misconception: "The revelation that people were saying almost exactly the same things a century ago ought to make us stop talking in mid-sentence and sit down – hard.  In fact, the more carefully we look at the cranky-wistful conventional wisdom about how children are raised, the less there is to be said in its favor."
  • How putting up restriction backfires on Sandra Dodd's site
  • A very complete gentle parenting toolbox on a recently discovered blog 'Dulce De Leche'
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  1. That Kohn article is solid gold! Thanks.

  2. I'd like to join in on the surfing fun!

  3. wifemomandmore, I have added you to the footer of the next Sunday Surf! Happy Surfing!


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