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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The End Of Babywearing

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I last wore my child when we were in the airport, leaving for Belgium for our emergency medical visit. That’s a month and a half ago.
She hasn’t been on my back since that occasion. She does want to be carried, but not in the ‘pagne’ (to the extent that I had to result to the stroller again).
Does this mean that we’re done? She’s almost two and a half and she has been wanting less and less to be worn, but are we completely through?

Will it be like this with everything we do: nursing, cosleeping... that it all slowly becomes less and then suddenly it’s gone... And I hardly noticed?

I must say I had been attentive to the babywearing thing, because I felt like she was about to stop. But still. It is over so quickly. She is growing up so fast.

So a little message to you all: enjoy it while it lasts and don’t listen to the ‘you’ll never’ comments. When it gets hard and you feel like you’ve had enough, consider that it might soon be over and you’ll probably miss it.



  1. great post :) i wear my baby pretty much constantly. my shoulders ache and i sometimes crave space, but i love being close to him. i certainly will miss it when it's gone.

  2. I have been having a bad night with a nursing toddler. It was poignant for the though of loving it while it lasts!

  3. I thought I'd well and truly worn my 3.5yo son for the last time, as I never found a comfortable way to wear him and his baby (now 2yo) sister together.
    But the other day, when I was carrying hand luggage and suitcases around the airport on the way home from a visit to my sisters, my son had caught a virus and had no energy - so out came the ring sling I'd packed in case his little sister got tired!
    So - maybe you've worn her for the last time - and maybe you haven't... ;)

  4. It's true. And it seems that the more you start thinking, Will this ever end?, it starts diminishing and you might miss it. My three-and-a-half-year-old now rarely wants/needs to be worn, but he'll let me occasionally, as in the airport, today. I won't know when the last time is, then, till it's over, so I'm enjoying these scattered moments.

  5. Claire, you're probably right. As I came back from a shopping trip, I saw my daughter was on the back of her nanny. So maybe next time we're in the airport she might want to hop on again... we'll see. She hasn't been worn by me since the time I wrote about here

  6. That's why I cherish ALL the things with my toddler. You blink, and they are 17 year old. ;-)


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