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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Book Review: Childbirth Without Fear

After long months of interrupted reading (yes, well, I am a mother, so uninterrupted reading is much a thing of the past)I have finally finished Grantly Dick-Read's classic, "Childbirth Without Fear", which to this day remains a noteworthy book for those who are passionate about childbirth. E
At the turn of almost every page, a memorable quote lurks, which makes reading a slow endeavor. Not because the book is tedious, but because you just want to let everything sink in.

To fully enjoy "childbirth Without Fear" one must read past certain plattitudes about gender and relationships, which we can understand if the book is placed within its historical context.

Some of its chapters might not seem very new to the more advanced 'birth junky'-type reader. Yet even for the experienced birth reader, this book is an interesting and liberating read.

One cannot read 'Childbirth Without Fear' without a bittersweet aftertaste. Most of the problems birthing women encounter, as described in this book - of which the first edition was written as early as 1942 - remain an issue to this day. While caregiver's methods may have changed, the root of the problem still remains. Birthing women are rarely heard and remain uninformed.

For a novice, looking for an intro into the world of childbirth publishings, this might not be the lightest work to start with. Yet "Childbirth Without Fear" remains a Grand Book in its genre, despite it's long history, and its ideas have not withered with age.



  1. I loved this book, and was blown away by the time in which it was written.
    I wish there were more emphasis placed on caring for the mother, but the wisdom about the protection of the infant is timeless and spot-on.

  2. That's so true, I had to go back several times to make sure the book was really written that long ago. Kind of bitter that so few things have changed since then... To know that the knowledge is out there, but that nothing gets done... really saddening


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