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Monday, November 8, 2010

Age Recommendations

Many a time have I heard a parent sigh that they have bought a game or book for their child which clearly stated it was designed for their age group, and the child just didn’t enjoy it. Either the game is too difficult or too easy, or it simply doesn’t catch their interest.

Age recommendations are simply that: recommendations (and for toys, often a way for the company to avoid liability). No company can decide what toy your child is ready to play with. Toys for bigger kids can be perfectly safe for your child, and there is no shame in a child playing with a toy that is designed for a younger age group.

You are the best judge of where your child is in his development and what might catch his interest. And it isn’t a competition of which kid gets to play with the most advanced toy either. Getting in touch with your child’s fine and gross motor skills and his passions and interests will put you on the way of buying the right toys.

If you do get your child a toy which is intended for older children, make sure there are no small parts he can’t quite handle, or keep the game for when you are there to supervise.



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