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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sunday Surf

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  1. The article on strict parenting had some great points! But the same site's treatment on "permissive" parenting gets it wrong about half the time.

    I had to laugh at the frowny-face admonishments re: "letting" your child stay up too late. We don't enforce bedtimes (anymore). Life is better, we're all well-rested, and I don't have "tired and cranky" children - I have beautifully rested, physically-active (my daughter just OWNED it on the soccer field today), happy children, and 110% peaceful and loving bed and sleep!

    I'm going to say something unpopular. "Limit-setting" is very commonly touted in the US but it is a limited, erroneous, and often-harmful model for raising/caring for kids. Keeping children safe and healthy (when we can) does not require limits on children. Many people read about parenting without punishments and "limits" and their brain kind of asplodes and they predict I'll have spoiled, terrible kids, blah blah.

    But it's always fun to talk to people who say, "Wow, what do you mean?" and then listen.

    Thanks for a great Sunday surf!

  2. Hi Kelly
    thanks for the comment. I had read around on the site a little, but didn't read the permissive parenting one...
    I think permissive parenting is when you as a parent are feeling coerced into something you really don't want, and when there is no respect.
    I've written about it a while back

    I think it's funny how people clutch to such arbitrary rules and think they're sacred. We never scheduled anything and indeed we are all well rested... Well I could use more sleep; but I'll be using the teen years to recuperate :)


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