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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sunday Surf

  • A funny satire on those 'Breastfeeding in public is disgusting'-type articles, on Citizen Of The Month
  • An article on dr. Tenpenny tackles misconceptions about fever: "If parents understood the importance of fever and how to appropriately support their child during a fever, parents would acquire a comfort level with caring for an ill child. They would rid themselves of unnecessary stress, unnecessary doctor and emergency room visits and most of all, their child would benefit from infection-fighting fevers."
  • African mothers have different latching techniques (I can vouch for that, and have myself adopted some of them, since they allow more freedom of movement than Western latching techniques)
  • Quick 2 minute yoga routine on Mama An Baby Love
  • Research shows that children who are raised in more traditional hunter-gatherer ways have better mental health, show greater empathy and conscience and are more intelligent. Very solid article... I would call it a must read indeed.
  • "Your due date is wrong" objects the way modern day medicine puts all women in standardized boxes when it comes to pregnancy, and stresses, once again, that not every woman is the same and that this approach can have dire results.
  • Christie Haskell lists and explains some conditions that can develop in the newborn which makes  breastfeeding impossible.
  • Do not drug your baby! "Drugs in Labor" gives us a list of articles on the effects of drugs in labor on the newborn.
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