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Monday, October 4, 2010

Spoiled For Life

I used to be an avid reader of French parenting and pregnancy magazines before my daughter was born and during her first year of life. Then, I got into the natural parenting ways more and more, and have slowly gotten more and more frustrated with them.

First of all, they're full of desinformation. They tend to be pro consumerist parenting (duh) and try to sell you something on nevery page.
When they do handle 'alternative' parenting views , they either plainly make fun of them (like: look at what those crazy people in America are doing) or put them in a margin somewhere not to be noticed.

Over the last year, with all the alternative reading (online and books) I have been doing, I cannot open a parenting magazine and not be frustrated, angered at what they blow into parent's ears.
I mean, these people go out to actually inform themselves about the way they are parenting their child and all they get is lies.

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And ever since, my relationship with magazines has only gotten worse. I cannot read any publication anymore. I switched to more naturally inspired magazines - thinking that at least they would have the content I was looking for, but even there, the main goal is to sell stuff, albeit natural.

So now I only read online, or books, and prefer to go through catalogues if I am looking to buy something.



  1. Interesting how times are changing!
    I have found the same.

  2. I have that same problem with parenting magazines. They drive me absolutely batty.

  3. me too! i get most of my baby reading from all you bloggy mommas! bronwyn millar

  4. Thanks Bron! Good to see you here!

  5. We have to be very careful where we get our information. I try to more and more think about what the information said and where it will lead if I follow the advice. Then I want to know who said it and why they say it. Next I try to weight it against common sense (I hope I have some).

    At least this should filter out some of the nonsense.

    Unfortunately most of what we read in magazines is all about content that does not disrupt your advertiser base.

  6. Yep, same here ! I quit when FirstBorn was 5 or 6 months old. I tried again when pregnant with SecondChild, but I was bored reading the articles because I found out I was more informed than the writer.

    Now, I read sewing magazines (patchworks and clothing) and cooking magazines. And Triathlete from Hubby.

  7. I feel the same way about those parenting magazines. Most of the time I end up with smoke coming out of my ears, so I simply avoid them. Frustrating that this is what many parents are looking to as the authority on the subject, not appreciating that the first and foremost goal is to attract advertisers, and the Pampers, Formula, and Stroller Set crowd is not going to get excited about alternative parenting!

  8. @Trevor: I think a big problem is that even critical readers assume that journalist - no matter the type of publication - at least do some research. I fear in a lot of cases they simply do not and rechew old lines of thinking... at least those that don't hurt the advertise base

    @Murielle: I tried sewing magazines again (we'll see how that turns out). Generally, I buy then and don't use the patterns, because to me using the patterns seems more work then making my own. I stopped reading cooking magazines because I don't find half of the ingredients and we don't eat most of the ingredients because we eat paleo

  9. Laura, I do use sewing magazine patterns. I have a subscription to Ottobre Design, fabulous magazine, patterns always perfect, explanations good too (well, I sometimes have to read several times and do several tries but that is because I am new to sewing clothes), and the sizing is very good too. I never had one bad experience with Ottobre Design. It is a Finlandish magazine, they ship worlwide, have versions in Finnish, German and English.

    As for cooking magazines, it is more for the fun of reading them than for actually cooking with the recipes. I usually end up with (at max) a couple of recipes I want to try. I agree about the loooooong shopping list and the weird ingredients : these recipes are a no-no !

    But the parenting magazines are just a waste of time. Boring, missing the point, always the same topics... sandwiched with formula, diapers and baby jars adds. Pointless.

  10. Murielle, I agree about ottobre. I'm always oogling those on the online pattern shop I visit occasionally, but never bought them - I generally only buy sewing magazines is bookstores on a whim because they look fun and then never make anything out of it. But ottobre has great designs and they even have free stuff on their website


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