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Monday, May 27, 2013

Things Nobody Tells You About Pregnancy (rerun)

When I was pregnant with DD, I spent a lot of time online reading about pregnancy and birth related issues, and I distinctly remember reading an article entitled something like this one.
It was a very long list of less known issues concerning pregnancy, and I was shocked at one being: your feet might grow in size.

Image: Muohace_dc on Flickr
Being the shoelover I was, this terrified me. Can you imagine I'd go up a size and have to throw away all the pretty shoes I had? The horror!
At the end of my pregnancy, I did go up a shoesize, but I blamed it on fluid retention. The last weeks of my pregnancy indeed, my feet began to look more like little elephant stomps than something human.
The week after I gave birth, the fluid drained, but my feet, however less swollen, did remain in fact bigger then befor.

I had not gained an entire size, but had gone up about half a size. Now, seeing that Belgian shoestores don't do half sizes, I am now alway stuck between choosing shoes that are either too small or too big.

What about you? Did you have anything strange happen to your body after pregnancy? Something you didn't expect?



  1. I'm with you on the shoe size. Mine are also about half a size bigger now that i've had 3 children. I think its culmative as i never noticed them get bigger during the first pregnancy but after the last one.

  2. same story with me, i have lots of pretty shoes and cant wear half of them anymore... but i did have a few that were too big which now fit me!

    im hanging onto them, partly because of denial, partly for my daughter when she grows up.

    though i think her feet will be twice the size of mine one when shes grown up, shes got her daddys genes :D

  3. Ha-ha! Yes, the shoe thing...I am trying to figure out what to do with my boots, but at least I have a great excuse to buy new ones! I started as a 9 1/2, and four kids later I am an 11. Yikes!

  4. I'd heard the shoe size comments but was convinced mine wouldn't stay large after the birth. My youngest will be six soon and my feet are still a half size bigger than they were before I had my first. The good part is I now fit my mother's shoes and I get some very nice hand-me-downs (she likes to buy shoes, I do not!).

  5. Wow, I would be pretty miffed if I had to get rid of my shoe collection or would I... mmmm... new shoe collection :-) My feet stayed the same size.

  6. I havent noticed my feet get any bigger, not permanently anyway.

    One thing that did shock me was how different my shape was after baby #1. even after getting down to my pre-baby weight, my hips were still wider and my waist thicker.


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