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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Secret To A Successfull Birthplan

This post was written as a submission for the Labor Day Blog Carnival, hosted by Birth Activist. If you want to enter, you can, submissions are due by September 3, the carnival goes live on september 6.

Every time I have a discussion about writing a birthplan, there is someone who says that a birthplan is the fats track to dissapointment.
I beg to differ. It all depends on how you perceive your birthplan. If you see it as a script for your birth, then yes, you'll probably be in for a dissapointment, birth, just as life itself, is unpredictable. A birthplan cannot be a screenplay to which you act, as you shouldn't be acting while you give birth.

However, if you see your birthplan as a way to inform your caregivers and birthpartner(s) of your wishes, a birthplan mwill be a wonderful asset. Not only does it 'force' you to consider your options before the big day arrives, it can also be a good base for conversation with those who will be present at your birth.

A good birth plan defines your options, instead of limiting them. For example: instead of writing: "I want to give birth in this or that position", write which you do not want and that you want the liberty to change positions at any time, you can suggest positions in your birth plan, to give your partner/caregiver inspiration for when you are lacking when the time is there.
A successfull birthplan also - and probably most importantly - calculates the option of things not going the way you would have desired. If you consider emergencies as a possibility, and think about how you would like to be cared for if those situations arrise, then you will most likely be less dissapointed when they do occur.



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