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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Medicine And Nature, The Case Of Breastfeeding

I blogged about ignorant peadiaters before, but when it comes to breastfeeding and medicine, ignorance isn't limited to pediatry. It seems as though every time I enter a doctor's office, something silly is going to be said about breastfeeding.
Medicine knows little to nothing about breastfeeding, especially when it comes to what is to them 'extended' breastfeeding.
Either they cannot treat you because there is no medication available for breastfeeding women, and they tell you to stop breastfeeding to start a treatment (not going to happen), or they can't read their testresults, because they don't know what effect breastfeeding has on them, or they just blatantly ,give you misinformation, or they blame all your symptoms on breastfeeding.

All of this has happened to me, in any combination and at doctor's with different specialities (i.e. an endocrinologist, a gyneacologist, a gyneacological oncologist, a rheumatologist).

Any doctor's appointment I've had since I started breastfeeding turned out completely useless because they can't even handle a simple, normal, biological given. Instead of appointments, they should call it dissapointments. They cost a lot of time and money and don't add up to anything.

Can you imagine if the same would happen while we have our period. That we would only be allowed to see doctors or be tested when we don't have a period.



  1. I definitely think all doctors, regardless of speciality, should get more lactation education in their schooling. Is it even present in pre-med class schedules?

    I remember I saw online that a fellow lactivist wrote to her alma mater, stating that she feels she was let down by the curriculum that did not include study of lactation (her degree was some sort of health related or pre-med degree)... but I don't remember who it was!

    I would think that someone studying the human body would learn at least the biological basics about breastfeeding during their course of study, but it sure seems like they haven't, huh?

  2. This exact thing happened to me last week! I went in for something fairly routine and my doctor informed me there was nothing he could do for me since I was !still! breastfeeding my 11 month old son. Then he went on to say "Well you have nursed him for a long time, any health benefits he was going to get he has long gotten from you, you may as well just stop breastfeeding now, I'm sure he can take a bottle fine" - Can you even believe that? My jaw hit the floor, I mean not even touching on that the recommended age is 2 years at least!

    He has been my doctor since I was a child and he has always been quirky and slightly frustrating to see but this was the last straw for me. I won't be going back to him nor will the rest of my family.

  3. My hormones are MORE stable while breastfeeding so if anything everything should be done while I'm breastfeeding 'cause the rest of the time I'm a mess.


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