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Friday, September 24, 2010

Judgement And Mankind

I have been watching the Ascent Of Man the last couple of weeks, which is a 1973 series from the BBC about the history of the evolution of science, commented by Jacob Bronowski. Bronowski was a mathematician, a poet and a historian.
Alongside quite a few intelligent remarks, he says something very interesting in one of the later episodes: One cannot communicate any idea, without passing some judgement on the subject. This is not a direct quote, but it is quite similar to what he said. He was in fact talking about quantum physics at the time, but I think that this statement applies to all things in life.
One cannot have a conversation without weighing the matter at hand. It is simply impossible for a human being. If we were to converse in a neutral manner, we would not be the emotional animal we are. Moreover, everything we see, feel, hear and experience is tainted by our assertion of the matter.

So maybe it's time to stop throwing the judgement arguement back and forth and accept that we are a judging species, and as long as we judge and do not condemn, it isn't all that bad.
As long as we keep conversation open for arguement, and our judgements open for revision, we must be doing a decent job.



  1. Hi,

    Amazing articles...


  2. Am I judging you if I point out a typo? It's "physics". :-)

  3. thank you! not judging at all. I have a hard time getting used to the use of ph as f in English


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