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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Joys Of Toddlerhood

Image: Axel Bührman on Flickr
Toddlerhood, same as puberty, is often looked upon by parents as a dreaded period, something best passed as quickly as possible. But it needen't be so. Toddlerhood isn't all screams and cries and tantrums; same as every period in your child's life, toddlerhood has wonderful aspects you won't have when your child grows up.
Here's a little list to show you that toddlerhood is terrific, instead of terrible.

  1. You can have real conversations with your child. Ok, they might sometimes be abstract, they might be really funny, but at least you're interacting verbally.
  2. They like to be read to, you can start reading long stories even you like to read (we're currently reading Greek and Indian mythology).
  3. They start doing pretend play
  4. They can play on their own for long stretches
  5. You can watch cartoons together
  6. They love imitating grown-ups, so that's another assured piece of comedy right there
  7. They're like miniature people, which is incredibly cute
  8. Everything they do is sprinkled with extra toddler cuteness
  9. They are really bossy and like to boss around everything and everyone.
  10. They pretend read
  11. They make up entire languages
  12. They have really big theatrical emotions
  13. They have oodles of imagination
  14. They're out of the diapers (at least somewhere within this period)
  15. They can express their needs, and - rest assured - they will
  16. They start wearing real people's clothes, no more onesies (though that's also kind of sad)
  17. You get to buy shoes for someone other than yourself
  18. They have learned/are learning something new every time you look at them
  19. They are totally honest
  20. They will forgive your every mistake in an instant
  21. They have a lot to tell and sometimes they lack the words or are in a hurry to tell you so many things at once, then they stare at you with those big toddler eyes to make sure you understood, and if you didn't they'll tell you all over again
  22. You will recognize your own words and gestures in them
  23. They have really soft hair
  24. They can burts into outbreaks of pure love, where they overwhelm you with hugs and kisses
  25. They have the sleep  of angels
  26. They have the energy of a pack of wolves
  27. They want to share every experience
  28. Everything is marvellous and interesting in their world
  29. They have the funniest pronunciations
  30. They say inappropriate things at the wrong time
What do you love about toddlers?



  1. I agree! I also love my toddler and the fact that she is getting more verbal and social and cuter by the day. I even enjoy the tantrums, because they are so funny. We cannot help but sometimes smile when she does her T-dance...
    I do not wish it to pass! I enjoy every minute with her!

  2. Every stage has its wonderful aspects, doesn't it? To get this gift of seeing the world through a child's eyes - it is wondrous!


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