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Monday, September 27, 2010

Baby Snatching

A while back, I took my daughter to the fruit and vegetable market. As usual, the place was buzzing with activity, most of which was generated by mothers carrying small infants on their back.
My daughter was extremely interested in the baby on the back of the girl I buy my fruit from.
It was a tiny baby girls, about two months old, and she was sound asleep, cuddled up to Kadi's back (that's my fruit and veg girl's name).

Little One got all excited and wanted to hold the baby.
"Hold baby, take baby! Take baby home."
We all had a laugh at her wanting to take the baby home, especially because she also wanted to take the next baby she saw home. (Ever since I think she wants to take all babies home)

Why I am writing this is that - next to the fact that it is extremely cute - I wanted to take those babies home. It's with mixed feelings that I admit, that if one of those mothers had said yes, I would have taken the baby home. That secretly, I wish that some unhappy mother comes and leaves her baby on my doorstep.

But I feel guilty for thinking those things. How can I want a baby that bad that I'd take it from someone's arms? How can I stop wanting a baby that bad? How can I stop thinking about it 24/7?



  1. Probably by having an itty bitty of your own! (Sorry, I had to!) :D

  2. Well, I have felt that way before and I am not sure how it happens. It took us 3 years of ttc, me being poked and prodded all the while, and during the last two years of that time I would have done anything to have a baby. Now that my son is 14 months old, I see that giving him a sibling is going to be problematic as well, and I am beginning to feel that way again. I honestly think it is such a strong feeling because it is wanting what you cant have. You know, kind of like a "the more you tell me no, the more I want it" type of thing. Anyway, when I really get to feeling desperate, I remind myself of how utterly exhausting my son was as a newborn (he had "colic" and was literally up every two hours screaming inconsolably, etc.) I practically had a mental breakdown with between getting no sleep and the crying and the anxiety of being a new mom. Remembering that sometimes makes me quit wanting another baby very much. LOL Seriously, though!
    Anyhow, just know that you aren't alone, and there is nothing wrong with wanting to have a baby. That is a desire we were born to have, so don't feel guilty about it!

  3. I used to feel that way when I wanted more kids and my ex didn't. I had dreams of someone who didn't want their baby dropping him/her off to me.

  4. I'm the same way, before I got pregnant I used to hope someone would leave their baby on my step or come to me begging me to give their child a home just the other day I was in the church nursery feeding my son and putting him down for a nap, a waman comes in with her 9mo granddaughter saying how badly she needed a whooping for misbehaving so much and trying to get her to take a bottle, I wanted to push the woman out and nurse her granddaughter and give her the love and attention she wanted


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