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Thursday, August 26, 2010

An Unschooled Life

Life begins at unschooling... at least a totally different life then the one you knew before.

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For September's Carnival at Enjoy Life Unschooling, I got the assignment to consider how much of life unschooling has influenced and the only answer I can come up with is everything!
I cannot imagine a part of our collective lives as a family that hasn't been touched since we acquired knowledge of unschooling. I can't even tell you where unschooling begins and gentle parenting ends, where we're attached parents and where we're trying to live sustainable. That's why this blog is called Authentic Parenting, because it is beyond unschooling, beyond attachment parenting... To be completely honest, it even goes beyond parenting altogether. Maybe
I should have called it Authentic Living, but that would have sounded too much like a country living magazine, wouldn't it. Given that parenting is certainly a defining factor in our lives, let's just keep it at that.
To us, these are all things that are intertwined and have certainly shaped our lives.

No matter how hard we would try to 'keep it in the closet', after a few moments spent with our family, you will know that we are unschoolers, free range people, gentle parents etc. There is no hiding it, because it has become part of our very essence.

The gentle parenting and attachment parenting to us is the prelude to unschooling. Profound trust and respect for our child infuse our lives and form the base of our parenting. I wonder if it would be so if we had never heard of unschooling. We can ask ourselves if baby led weaning was unschooling, if the approach we have to sleep is unschooling...

Unschooling definitely changed the way we look at life as a whole, and has us looking for alternatives to the career life my husband is now leading. Hopefully, it will lead us to unjob, and maybe it will even guide us to a life in an intentional community.

The mere fact that we decided to unschool our child makes us want to change our lives completely, makes us want to choose those close to us more carefully.


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  1. I love your comment about authentic living. For me a key value is integrity, choosing to have integrity in all I do. And yes, maybe parenting was the journey to learning this, but it goes beyond my inteactions with the kids.

    I do use school though, and even holiday playschemes. But that's because I want my kids to be involved with their local communities, able to learn from a variety of peers and adults, interacting as a normal member of the society around us. Also I want to interact with my society, and sometimes that requires me to be alone without the children present. So using childcare is a pre-requisite for being part of the adult community in my world.

    But learning to trust my children - and their ability to reflect/learn from their experiences without my heavy-handed guidance; learning not to manipulate but to provide a mirror to them in which they experience unconditional love; learning to respect their uniqueness and otherness - these are values I have learnt from the unschooling movement.

    Thank you, for your thoughtful and gentle reflections. I am learning through the community of un- and my life is richer and fuller for the un-s in it.



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