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Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Image: Darkpatator on Flickr

Your child is not here to
... follow in your footsteps
... compete with you
... make up for your mistakes
... do the things you never could
... be the man/woman you want to be
... steal your attention
... repeat your errors

These are things YOU should deal with.
Your child is here.
Your child is.



  1. I like the poem.
    I links from Just a Bald Guy to your site.
    Would you be interested in reviewing a book,
    "Raising Able: how chores cultivate capable young people."
    It's about how chores develop self-discipline and nurture self esteem based on Adlerian principles.
    Let me know- I'll send you a copy.
    susan at susantordella dot net

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