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Monday, August 16, 2010

Quote Of The Day

“The way a society views a pregnant and birthing woman, reflects how that society views women as a whole. If women are considered weak in their most powerful moments, what does that mean?” 

– Marcie Macari  (reused form Talk Birth)



  1. Just came over from my my post on API Speaks to thank you for your thoughts! It seems like you are taking a pretty relaxed attitude about child spacing and I love that! I think I need to just enjoy what I have and let #2 come when he/she comes.

    Also, I love this quote! I talk to sooo many women who feel powerless during labor and delivery. Giving birth to my son was the most powerful I have ever felt and I just feel sad for women who are treated like they are weak and need a lot of medical interventions to deliver.

  2. I appreciate a linkback if you use quotes that I've collected for my blog. Thanks!


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