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Monday, August 2, 2010

I'm THAT Mom

Ever see a mother allowing her toddler to eat chunks of butter WITH THEIR HANDS (!) at a restaurant?
Letting her child wander around, naked, and greet strangers. Because clothing, just like combing hair or washing off dirt is fully optional.
The mom that has her child draw all over herself, maybe add the magazine mom's reading to the colouring pages and then finish off by coloring mom's legs too, and then take it all with a smile and start coloring dad together.
Or a mother that lets her kid have icecream before they start dinner - maybe end the meal with some soup and chocolate sprinkles.
The mom that invites all the neighborhood kids INTO HER HOUSE (!) and lets them color and play all afternoon. And then even bakes them waffles.
A mother who STILL nurses her two year old IN PUBLIC, because that's what the two year old wants and that's the way she is comforted best and the way she falls asleep like an angel. Who STILL cosleeps and isn't afraid to say she' d love for it to go on at least a couple of years longer.
The mom that allows her child to empty entire cupboards, even if that mean that it is she who will have to do the explaining and folding and putting back, because allowing is so much better and healthier and less energy consuming than screaming and punishing and it doesn't matter anyway, because tablecloths CAN be refolded and towels CAN be rewashed.

Did you look at her and frown? Wonder how people can just 'let their kids get away with that'?
Did you shrug and think 'some people...'

Well hello, I'm that mom!

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  1. Amen! I'm totally that mom!!! When I see the rigid moms in the supermarket freaking out and frazzled (which I admit, I get that way more often than I'd like) that's when *I* start thinking "Some people!" Some people just need to lighten up! (Myself included sometimes!)

  2. Me too :)

    My baby runs around in his diaper all the time. We cosleep.. we will be nursing until two or beyond :)

    If my two year old tells me NO I don't flip out. Actions speak louder than words. He can say NO all he wants as long as his butt is moving LOL. NO is his way of saying "I don't wanna but I am gonna"... doesn't bother me a bit to hear him say it.... I believe other words are much worse! I don't mind SH*T as much as I mind STUPID, I don't mind D*MN as much as I mind DUMMY or F*CK as much as BAD BOY. THOSE words bother me MUCH more than an appropriately uttered curse word. Don't like it?? Please remember this is HIS home.. you can go back to YOURS no problem! :)

  3. You are inspiring, Authentic Mom! :D I salute you!

  4. I'm that mom too. And have been for almost 21 years!! My youngest is 3. They are all wonderful children. Not spoiled in the least and they all love life! I am so happy I am that mom, no regrets!

  5. OMG! I was just at the "Park", the biggest emptiest parking lot near the doctor office close by, and stripped my DD down naked to play in the water (oh yeah, the sprinkler system). Constantly on the go to where the next watering system starts after the one we are in stops!

  6. People are alway astounded at how I let my 9 month old eat dirt and sand... I'm sure the rest will come soon.

  7. I'm that mom too! It drives my husband nuts rom time to time, but I am constantly telling him he's got to let the little things go, that crumbs can be cleaned up and its much more important for him to learn to feed himself and have fun!

  8. I'm sort of that mom. But I don't like to be colored on. You should see some of the stuff my daughter has done to herself, though. Quite... artistic. Yes. that's the word.

  9. great post! i'm that mom too, except for the sugar thing that i still don't know the best way to deal with. but, DS is just 10 month's old, we still have time to think about it :)

    i love your blog, thanks for sharing your life experiences with us.

    see you


  10. Loved this...and p.s...I'm that mom too! :o)


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