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Monday, August 23, 2010

Doctors And Breastfeeding

Recently, I have been really astonished by my OB/GYN and another doctor who specialized in gyneacological oncology. Before you ask, these people are specialists in Belgium and both of them are professors (!!!), I am not tallking about some local doctor here in Ivory Coast who only half made it through a local medical degree. I am talking about people who form the medical body of the future (yes, a lot becomes clear now).

Note: He was the one who told me I had to breastfeed my daughter for at least a year, to significantly reduce her risk of developing diabetes.
at my one year check-up, he asked if I was still nursing, I responded positively. He asked when I would cease. I responded when she was ready. He asked if I was willing to wait that long for another baby.
At my two year check-up he asked again, and again I responded that we were still going strong and that she would decide when it should be finished.
He told me that breastfeeding would seriously mess up my fertility and that I would not ovulate until she was done. That breastfeeding causes highly irregular cycles with no ovulation.
I had been having regular cycles for about six months by then, of which I informed him.
At which he responded again that those cycles are always highly irregular and that it are cycles without ovulation.
Isn't it strange that you need someone to inform you about the regularity of your cycles? Who is the better one to judge? You or a doctor you only see once a year?

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ONCO dude
I have to go to Belgium shortly for a colposcopy, so I asked him if I had to stop TTC until we did the test.
He responded: "Actually yes, but since you are still breastfeeding, this would not be popssible anyway."
Seriously? Where did this guy study? What the hell was  he thinking.
It is generally known that the Lactational Amenhorrhea Method as a contraceptive only works for as long as the infant is exclusively breastfed and as long as the child is under six months and feeds at regular intervals, and for as long as menstruation hasn't kicked off again.
My daughter is two and almost three months, she sleeps for 7 to eight hours at night, sometimes I leave her at home with the nanny during the day. She eats tons and tons of solids and there are days she forgets to nurse. Oh and of course I have been having a rather regular cycle for almost eight months now.

Lesson learned: Don't ever trust your doctor, no matter how much credentials he has. Can you imagine if every doctor is this ignorant? What if your cardiologist doesn't know half of the stuff he is supposed to know? Would you ever find out?



  1. *shakes head in disbelief*. My 21 month old is still breastfeeding... and well... almost 8 months pregnant with my second baby. I guess I must have conceived immaculately! I certainly couldn't have ovulated given that he was still breastfeeding almost every day despite having had 3 menstrual periods...

  2. In that case I'm another miracle... I got pregnant of my second baby when my first was 6 months and he was just making one meal that wasn't breastfeeding.
    I get stun with that kind of miss information that people has, but coming from doctor is much worse

  3. Scary that we can't trust our doctors!

  4. Sadly, doctors often aren't aware of the natural processes of our bodies. They're trained to fix what's wrong, not to watch what's working just fine. Sad that they're spreading more misinformation, though! I hope someday the medical profession can be more comfortable with things going right, instead of wrong.

  5. I'm still breastfeeding my 25 month old and my 3 1/2 month old and I did so throughout my pregnancy. My OBGYN was worse than yours. I had a myomectomy and she told me I could'nt have kids naturally.
    I exclusively breastfed my first boy and was soooo upset to find myself preganant when he was 14 months old and we were not even trying...I thought I would be a little less fertile..

  6. Have they never known a woman to tandem nurse? Once the baby is not nursing as frequently then fertility returns. Sheesh.


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