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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Call for guest posts: Coming Of Age Series

Last week I posted two guest posts by DeAnna L'Am about coming of age and menstruation. These posts, and your reactions to them made me want to do a series about coming of age. After all, menstruation is the source of human life and transitioning into adulthood is a big step for both girls and boys. Therefor, I am doing a call for submissions on the topic.

Anything about coming of age and menstruation is welcome, but these are the topics I am specifically looking for:
- rituals and traditions surrounding coming of age
- the story of your first period
- how you plan to celebrate you child's transition into adulthood
- coming of age for boys
- what to tell your child about his/her coming of age

Image: Love&Hearts

All submissions should be mailed to mamapoekie at yahoo dot com and should include name and bio of the author, plus a link to your site or blog (if you have one). If possible, add a photo in attachment.



  1. Great idea! Is there a deadline...? (Just trying to prioritise different projects!)

  2. Nope, no deadline, this will be an ongoing series and I will post the guest posts as they come along. Thanks for showing an interest!


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