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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

10 eco-tips for the bathroom

A great place to change your habits into more environmentally sound ones is the bathrooms, here are some easy tips I have gathered to make your environmental impact go down.

  1. Buy/make cotton make-up remover discs
  2. Use less product, most people use way too much anyway and a little less works just as good.
  3. Prefer showers over baths or
  4. Take baths together, less water to accomodate more people.
  5. Use natural, organic products or
  6. Make your own
  7. Buy organic cotton towels
  8. Mind the packaging you allow in your bathroom, spray deodorants for example, have more packaging then they have product.
  9. Prefer family editions of products: they are less expensive and have less packaging.
  10. Use soap bars instead of liquid soap to wash your hands: they are less expensive and you use way less product when using soap bars then you would with a liquid soap pump.

You can find some more ecological tips to do around the house, and feel free to add some in the comments below.

Image: Jason O'Halloran on Flickr


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  1. Don't use commercial soaps - they usually aren't "real" soap. Use natural, handmade soaps which are not only easier on your body but do not pollute our water systems.

    Don't use liquid shampoos and conditioners: they are full of goop and come in plastic bottles that end up in landfills. Use a natural shampoo bar (like soap, but for washing hair) and diluted vinegar as a rinse.

    Clean your bathroom with baking soda and vinegar: saves on packaging and chemicals that damage the waterways and affect your health.


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