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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sunday Surf

If exposed to HPV, Gardasil actually increases your risk on precancerous lesions.
Change starts at home , the story of a farmgirl with a PhD, and the origin of the 'housewife' concept. A must-read!

Traditions surrounding the placenta and the umbilical cord in Asia.

A magnificent post on Joyfully Free talks about when parenting becomes a burden.

"(...) for a child to be spoiled wouldn't that mean at some point they were rotten? And if they were rotten wouldn't that mean at some point the scales began to tip from good to bad? In order for that tipping moment to emerge from a being that was pure unconditional love when it arrived one would have to argue it had something to due with the environment the unconditional love was being nurtured in."
A circumcized dad explains why he didn't circumcize his son in "Just to be fair, I'm circumcized".

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