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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Mysterious Disappearance Of Nutrients In Breastmilk (rerun)

After what I told you in 'Nestle and the doctor's office' I'm still figuring out why I should be shocked at the fact that that moronic pedeatrician said that breastmilk does not contain any nutrients when the child has reached the age of two. That the only reason my daughter is still nursing, is for pleasure.

Let's for an instance - just for the fun of it - say we believe this absurd piece of fiction to be true. Let's also try to forget that he must tell these fabels to African women who live in unsanitary conditions and whose children are maybe just as ill as my daughter was when I went to see him. Let's also forget that these women are for the most part uneducated and that they truly believe that what an educated doctor tells them holds true (what else would be the point of visiting a doctor and paying all that money for it if he's just a storyteller?).

I still have some questions however.

  1. Can you tell me exactly when this liquid gold, extremely nutrious substance, the drink of gods - if I may - changes into something less interesting than water. Maybe something comparable to Vodka, since it is apparently only consumed for pleasure.
  2. If breastmilk does not contain anything beneficial beyond the age of two, why then are we told to feed our children fortified growth milk until at least the age of four. Either A) the growth milk thing is just another consumerist fiction or B) they are really onto something and our children are lacking all these added vitamins because - oh dear - they are no longer breastfed by that age.
  3. Third, what the hell is wrong with pleasure? Maybe if we allowed our children a little pleasure once in a while, they will not grow up to be the pleasure seeking, alcohol/sex/sigarette/shopping-addicted grown ups so many of us are.
  4. If this breastmilk does not contain any nutrients whatsoever beyond the age of two, then may I ask what exactly this white substance that flows richly form my breasts is made of. Water? No that's actually beneficial. Milk? Oh no, that's also somethinng we should be giving our children until the age of four (at least - if we believe the growth milk). And if it is indeed Vodka, then it could indeed explain why it puts them to sleep so effectively.
  5. Why would this wonderful substance all of a sudden become a barren useless thing and still be produced. This seems like a highly fruitless process to me, and it seems out of tune with nature.

So if you are a doctor and you are reading this: instead of trying to sell Nestle and Bledina to your patients, tell them something real for a moment. And if you are not informed, read.

If you are a breastfeeding mother, do not believe a word your doctor tells you! Go out and find the information yourself. And if he is trying to convince you of this kind of crap, get another pead!



  1. That's terrible! And he is supposed to be a specialist?

  2. GREAT post. I have yet to comprehend why so many people take issue with MY breast feeding MY baby ... I think I have a long road ahead as my daughter is only 3 months old! I have even been told that formula is more nutritious than my breast milk!! I almost punched the woman ... Is society pushing us into an underground nursing community?!

  3. I've only just recently found your blog.
    Great article. My baby just turned 2 today and we are still breastfeeding. In fact his older sister has been sick and he obviously caught a bug from her, however his case was very mild and I know that is because he is breastfeding is just so plain and easy to see!

  4. Well a peadiatrician at least... But he studied in Ivory Coast, so that kinda explains it

  5. However cool and exclusive that underground nursing community sounds, sadly I think what you say is true.
    A lot of women really don't dare to go out and NIP... and I have to be honest, as my daughter grows older, I sometimes wonder if I'll still be nursing her in public long, as I sometimes rather evade the fight then go heads on

  6. My ex-Ped is a real winner (not) too. He said that I was nursing too long and needed to keep it at short 10-minute bursts so the baby could get more milk. What? She's not getting enough milk in My 20 minute or longer nursing sessions, so I need to nurse for shorter periods of time? Actually he said she was getting plenty of milk, but that HE prefers to have his patients nurse for only 10 minutes on each side. Apparently, he's never heard of hind milk. Ugh. He also wasted at least 15 minutes of his time and mine trying to frighten me into vaccinating. Can you say...LAST VISIT.

    Our new ped is amazing and supportive. He asked once "Are we vaccinating?" and was perfectly fine when I said no. I love love love the new pediatrician!

  7. LMAO If there aren't nutrients in milk, then why do people drink cow's milk??????? Uh, duh. Ask your doctor about that. Ask if he would switch her to cow's milk if it was his choice. If he says yes, ask him then why would milk who's made FOR A COW is better than milk made for humans???? Too funny. Ignorance makes you laugh sometimes :)

  8. Yes, I have had discussions like this with doctors and family. One time my mom told me that the milk goes sour after 6 months! Well, all the kids so far have nursed for 5 years. This last baby is only 3, so I have a few more glorious years of breastfeeding her. I know the healthy reasons to breastfeed, but is it documented or even talked about how intelligent and smart and happy and joyful children can be if let nurse until they decide to stop?

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  10. Vickie, I love how you call your three year old a baby... I think we want them to grow up too quickly, even in the way we adress them. It's like we can't call them toddlers soon enough

  11. Hi mamapoekie!

    Wow that was horrible considering it came from a paed!!!

    Btw, thanks for your comment. I do have a Facebook account but it's for personal use. I don't think I can handle too many accounts at the moment!

    Thanks for sharing my post out btw! :)

  12. Sometimes stupidity is just so mind-bogglingly...well, stupid...that it simply stuns you into wordlessness. I mean, really, how do you even respond to such a ridiculous statement?


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