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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Holiday Aftermath

Hello all! I am back! Have you missed me? I hope you liked what I had prepared for you. I liked the guest posts a lot, so if you are a blogger and you have something up my league, don't hesitate to email me.

If anything, this holiday gave me a lot to contemplate and a serious amount of issues to write about. Just for fun, let's make a list of things I might be writing about in the weeks to follow:

  • Francophone people might win the award of the worst parenting language. The things those people say to their children... you cannot imagine (and I even wonder if it is possible to translate all of the things I heard parents say to their kids)
  • There are huge differences between Russian, Turkish and Western-European parenting styles
  • The clash of the generations: how my child and I survived living under the same roof with my parents and grandmother
  • What kind of parents would we be if we had stayed in Europe?
  • Europe and Africa: worlds apart for raising children
  • Can we even raise a free range child in a modern world?
  • Gentle discipline is not permissive parenting
  • Collective care and the natural child don't mix
  • The meaning of life of a SAHM
  • Is it silly to stay out of the rat race?
  • And much more

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  1. Welcome back. I love your list of potential topics! I am looking forward to reading future posts.

  2. Thanks Jenny... It seems that my to write list is ever growing... I should really lock myself up somewhere for a week and do nothing but write... oh well


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