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Monday, March 26, 2012

Gearing Up: Composing A Post-Partum Nursing Wardrobe (rerun)

When you've had a baby, your wardrobe may not reflect your wishes any more, or your shape, for that matter. Especially when you breastfeed, you will have different demands from your clothes then you had before.
Some women can breastfeed in just about anything, I however, cannot. I do not like to get semi-undressed to nurse, and I prefer to be able to nurse whenever and wherever.

I have set out to create myself a wardrobe that will last for future pregnancies, nursing and the additional weight-loss and gain. It seems one hell of a task, and it can indeed be tedious, but it is feasable.

The most important thing for a nursing mother is to have a good nursing bra. If you are bound to wearing grandma style underwear, you are also bound to feel like a slob, and believe you me, that is not what you are looking for. With all the hormonal changes you are going through after birth and the changed body you have to come to accept, you really don't want to go around looking and feeling like a dishcloth.
So nursing bra is key. And there are some real nice ones out there (eg Hotmilk and Cake make pretty ones), which are worth a little detour on your shopping trip.
I have had to wear H&M nursing bras for two years, that discolored from the first washing and that hurt like hell on the underwire and I can assure you that the recent acquisitions I have made in that department are well worth their money. All of a sudden I feel like a woman again. (Until recently, nice nursing bra's were rather hard to come by where I shop in Belgium, but this wonderful new store just opened - called Boobs 'n Burps - so I finally got geared up.)

For tops (or dresses), you don't necessarily need to go to a special store. If you take some regular knitwear tops with a low neckline, this can work fine. Empire style models work best for the little postpartum belly. Do try them on however, and make sure there is easy access to the boob. You will find, once you develop 'the eye' there is really a lot of choice in tops for nursing.

If you want to buy skirts or pants that grow with you, again, these can be found in the shops you regularly visit. Look for models with an elastic, stitched elastic or jersey waistband.

All of this might take some effort in looking for it, but it spares you the frustration of having to buy all new things every time you gain a few pounds, lose some, or when you become pregnant again.

If you are too tired or busy to go out to shop, there are some online stores that have a really good choice:

  • Mamanana gives really good service and the sizing is correct, they hold breastfeeding and pregnancy wear
  • Emami has really fun multifunctional knitwear that will serve for years to come, the fabrics they use are really nice too and they were planning on using only organic cotton from 2010 onward.



  1. Once you conceive child no 1, you may be in the pregnancy-breastfeeding cycle for some years, until you complete your family and finish nursing... by which time your pre-child wardrobe may seem out of date! It seems sensible to buy for your life stage, and accept the different clothing demands placed by the different lifestyle.

    One additional comment to what you say above: Ironing. I hated it pre-children, and I don't bother nowadays. How would I find the time to do it in safety?

  2. I am a big fan of wearing a stretchy, tight-fitting singlet (like cotton/lycra) under my regular tops so I can pull my top up and just pull the singlet under my breast. It means only my breast is out and my back stays warm!

  3. You also really REALLY need to check out (Canada's first nursing boutique) They have clothes to suit every budget and they're funky and fahionable to boot! They deliver everywhere in the world and are just plain fabulous! They also offer the best range of nursing bras the world has to offer- both transitional and regular. They have some gorgeous fancy dancy ones with lace and frill, some plainer everyday bras which work really well under t-shirts and some super comfy ones that you can wear during the day, as well as for sleeping in.
    Another good tip- if you're not wanting to spend money on a nursing top, is to get one or two nursing tanks to wear under your regular shirts, or to cut slits in existing regular tanks (down the side not the front- less obvious).
    Of course the money you're saving in not using formula should leave you with plenty of cash to spend on a beautiful nursing wardrobe, which should see you through plenty of subsequent nurslings too! (I'm not nursing anymore and often wear my nursing tops and dresses as they're lovely and no one would think they were nursing clothes!!

  4. Loved this article, if I only had this news when I was pregnant. I kept thinking to myself, do I have to wear these pregnancy cloths forever. I didnt want to buy more clothes after I had my baby but, I needed nursing tops and underwear that fit. Its still been an ongoing problem for me b/c I'm still nursing and now going back to work. So now I need work/pumping the milk tops. I know my daughter is getting the best nutrition of her life thats why I go through all the trouble. Not only do I agree that my daughter's biology requires it due to some allergies but, she is such an amazing child taller then alot of kids in her class and growing by the minute.

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  6. I just stumbled across your blog and I love it.

  7. I've always had trouble finding bras that provide enough support without having an underwire, and wonderbra one is perfect!


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