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Friday, July 16, 2010

Breastfeeding toddlers

I used to be the person who found breasfeeding an older child a bit awkward. I can't really say from what age I found it weird, because right now, this person that I was, well, she's like prehistoric history to me, and I can't quite figure out the way she thought.
I know that that person would have found breastfeeding a four year old rather quirky. Maybe even a two year old.
But hello, this is me, and I am still giving my two year old the natural milk she deserves.

I never considered I might one day be 'that woman'. I knew I was going to breastfeed any child I would carry in my womb for nine months, but never ever pondered the amount of time I would be nursing.

But then there she was. We set out to nurse for a year, because that as the healthy thing to do, and I had the time for it, so why not. One year became two and two became 'until she self-weans'.
She started out a newborn just as any other nursling. We took it one day at a time. And looky here, she walks and talks and eats solids and yet, she still gets her buhbuh when she asks, although this is more infrequent than before.

How can we think that from one day to the next they get 'too big' for it? Now, it seems such an awkward thought not to nurse until they self-wean. How can you decide when to quit?
The only reason why we feel a nursing toddler is awkward is because we're not confronted with it enough. So nursing momma's: get out of the closet! Let's create some awareness while we're at it!




  1. I also did not know how long I could breastfeed, but at 18 months still going strong. I have the two year mark now as a goal, but it seems it doesn't stop there... I am just enjoying it so much! The extra bonding time!

  2. I'm usually just a lurker but had to come by to tell you how much I loved this. I feel like I wrote it myself. I get so mad at my prehistoric self for judging mama's that let their babies nurse past a year. Now here I am, totally understanding why...nursing my precious 21 month old and knowing she will only stop when she's ready. And just hoping some of the people who judge me will someday understand too. :)

  3. Well, you know where I'm coming from with this. I would have been previously alongside your prehistoric self. I planned to breastfeed until 6 months so that my husband and I could continue trying to build our family. Now, at almost 8 months, I really don't think about that plan much. Other children will happen or they won't. But I love the one that I've got and while I hope there will be more, I'm not ready to quit.

  4. I nursed both my kids until they were 3 1/2. I hung out with other mums who nursed their toddlers and so it didn't feel weird to me. But I hear you about "that person I used to be"...can't quite figure her out either, lol.


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