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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Authentic Parenting Blog Carnival - Call For Submissions

Calling all bloggers: The Authentic Parenting Blog Carnival is back!
This month, we are focusing on summer holidays. Let your imagination run wild, anything goes, as far as it is not offensive and in tune with the Authentic Parenting philosophy.

If you prefer writing from a prompt, you can pick any of these titles:

  • Childhood memories: tell us about what you used to do as a child during the long summer holidays
  • Summer Traditions: Does your family have any traditions you try to stick with? Which ones? How are they anticipated by your children? 
  • Everyday Is A Holiday: Maybe you don't distinguish holidays from normal days. Maybe you find holidays overrated.
  • Summer Activities: Any tips to keep these hot summer days filled with joy and laughter? Some games or field trips you plan for the kids.
  • Summer holidays as and unschooler: As an unschooler, every day is a holiday, so how do the 'summer holidays' change your days? Do you see more people? Go places you wouldn't? Maybe a working parent takes some leave and you do something amazing, or something ordinary.
The deadline for this lovely event is set on July 19th and the carnival goes live on the 26th of July. Post your article to your blog and mail me the link to mamapoekie  at yahoo dot com
If you would like to participate, but don't have a blog of your own, you can mail me the full text and I will gladly publish it as a guest post.

Hoping to get a massive response this time,




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