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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sunday Surf



    1. I very much look forward to your Sunday surfs. You always seem to have something that I'm looking for. For example, I've been having a bit of a hard time conceiving a second time and the WHAT NOT TO EAT blog was enlightening. Also, I don't believe in CIO and my husband does, this causes a lot of arguments and comments that I'm spoiling my baby because I rock him to sleep every night that he has a hard time doing it on his own. The link to the CIO arguments were great! Also, the 100 banned books? I've read about 75% of those books and my children sure will also!

    2. Thanks B, I had a big laugh with those banned books too! And maybe you read baby envy, so you might know that trying to get pregnant again is hard on us too. Hugs

    3. The immediate contraception recommendations are kinda making me mad. Grr. I wish I could believe doctors won't undermine breastfeeding and informed consent, but um…yeah.


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