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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sunday Surf

I came across a post on the Parental Intelligence Newsletter that questions if unschooling would be applicable to the 'Third World'. This is actually something I have been wondering about too, and I promis to - one day - have a post about that topic for you.
There is a disconnect between what the adults in the society are able to do and model and pass down as information, and what the children must know to be functioning adults in a society that is DIFFERENT from the one in which they are being raised.
Since the negative media attention to unschooling doesn't seem to cease, I thought including this insightful piece about the misperceptions of unschooling would be timely.
The reality is that (contrary to what most people prefer to believe) even school kids decide what they want to learn and when. They can’t help it; it’s a prerequisite of learning. Oh, they might memorize some stuff in order to pass a test or otherwise regurgitate on demand, but that’s not learning. The idea that adults can decide what kids will learn and when is delusional, futile, and counterproductive.
If you are wondering about the safety of ultrasounds, there was an article about how poorly researched and overused this testing equipment really is on Peaceful Parenting. Dani at Informed Parenting comments on a Discovery Channel video of a baby crying in utero due to an ultrasound.

PhD in Parenting shows us the difference between the US and Germany by listing a top ten and a top 22 parental mistakes from respective countries.

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  1. I love that quote about kids learning what they want. The question is will they have the time to explore. Great surfing with you!

  2. So glad I never got an ultrasound.


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