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Friday, June 25, 2010

Parenting Basics - Part Two: Safety

You might wonder why I include safety in my parenting essentials, while I clearly stated I wasn't looking for primal needs. For if there was one primal need, then it should be the need to be safe, right?
True, and indeed I pondered if I should include this into my essentials. I decided to do so because there are huge misunderstandings about what it means to create a safe environment for children.

In a primal society, ensuring a child's safety is rather straightforward. One must try to avoid or eliminate threat. Those threat - in a primal society - only stem from nature, in exactum, predators or the elements. Primal societies tend to have a very hands-off approach when it comes to ensuring their children's safety. The entire community is involved at keeping treaths at bay.

In our modern society, treaths aren't as straightforward. We have created so many thing that are a possible danger to a child, we started living in bigger communities, which makes it impossible to "know thy neighbour", and most often it is the task of only one parent to ensure a or multiple children's safety.
Threats still stem from nature, though those are probably the least of our worries. Threats come from thing and people as well, they can even come from wthin, as manifestations of our proper fears... there are so many potential dangers, it all becomes difficult to asses. It is easy to understand how one can be lost and struggle to find the right attitude towards safety.

Therefor, parents who struggle with ensuring their children's safety are not to be judged or belittled. We are living in a highly individualistic world driven by fear and tainted by preconceptions of children's behavior that are inconsistent to their age. We have learned to mistrust our instincts, because they are no longer adapted to our surroundings. All these given make it a tough place to parent in.

There is No One True Path To Safety - unless we all move back to primal living situations - so don't expect me to tell you how to approach this issue for your family. You and I do not live in the same conditions, and we do not have the same background or considerations of the matter.

What we can do is investigate the possible ways to handle Safety.



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