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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Parenting Basics - Part One: Essentials

What does a child really need to thrive and grow up a happy, confident human being? Little more is needed than a few basics to create a nurturing environment. Bare in mind, I am not talking about primal needs such as food and shelter here, I am looking for the key parenting concepts every child should grow up with, in order to reach full potention/become a stable, independent, self-assured human being.
What are these key elements? I have wondered about this and came to these six: Trust, respect, safety, security, unconditional love and freedom. It all comes down to this parenting pattern:

  • Create a safe environment
  • Make sure they feel secure
  • Allow them the freedom to make choices
  • Trust them to make the right choices
  • Respect them enough to make their mistakes
  • Love them unconditionally to forgive their mistakes

I will write a series of articles examining these essentials, through which we will discover how to implement them, and what might be the hidden difficulties.
What are you parenting essentials? Anything missing?

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  1. What about modeling as best you can the kind of behavior/values that you hold dear? I would say that that's important in good parenting too.


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