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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Misogyny before birth

A friend's Faceboob status said that his son had predicted that the new baby would come tomorrow. The day after this status, of course, people were asking if it were true. The father answered: "She's a girl and she's already acting up, she could stay in another three weeks as far as I am concerned."

Now I am hoping this was a joke, which it probably was. But still. This is actually quite misogynist and the poor baby isn't even born yet. It got me thinking about how misogyny really starts before birth. It's so embedded in our culture and our mindset that we simply don't even notice it any more.
It's there in the fact that most couples want a boy first.
It lives in people asking you (if you've had the 'misfortune' of having a girl as a firstborn) if you will be trying for a boy next.

It is so deeply weaved within everything we say and think and do once a child is conceived, that we hardly even notice. No child can be equal if he enters an already biased world.



  1. Wow. That's really quite sick. I'm sure he meant it as a joke as well but yikes dude! You don't say that kind of stuff about your unborn child! Ugh!

  2. It goes the other way for circumcision, however. One wouldn't DREAM of mutilating the genitals of a baby girl, yet it "should be a parent's choice" to mutilate baby girls. Even the law reflects the inequality there.

  3. I confess to wanting a boy... but this is in part because I assume my daughter will be as difficult as I was growing up, and also because my siblings have all had girls first and I wanted to break the trend.

  4. Circumcision is practised by male dominant religions. And young females are circumcised widely in some cultures

  5. Fantastic Freudian slip in the first line! You've got "Faceboob", which sounds like a great idea for the next social network, perhaps a feminist one where misogyny is not tolerated. I only point it out because it's awesome :)


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