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Saturday, July 9, 2011

How To Start Baby Led Weaning (rerun)

Starting baby led weaning should, logically, be baby led. If your child can sit up and shows clear signs of interest in food, you can gradually introduce solids. In chunks, on a little plate.
Don't bother with the cutlery just yet, feeling the food's texture is as important an experience as eating is. It isn't all about finger foods, your child can have whatever you are having (given that the no salt or honey and general logic still applies).

Fruit and vegetables are great to start out on. Raw, steamed or boiled, try a bit of everything and see what your baby can handle. Remember that up until two years, breastmilk is the most important part of a baby's menu, so just focus on the textures and different flavors as you start off, and don't worry to much about how much solids your child is having. What's most important is that he learns to appreciate different food sources.
If your baby seems to enjoy these experiences, don't hesitate to introduce fish or poultry.
You can also have your baby decide what he wants to eat, by having him on your lap and letting him pick off your plate. Do whatever feels right and natural to your family.

Baby led weaning is not as messy as one might think. Yes there will probably be yoghurt facials and strange soups, but you would have much more of a mess if the food was pureed, and those really do go everywhere. It's very easy and there's no extra work. All you have to do is trust your child.




  1. Hi there! We did baby-led introduction to solids (didn't call it baby-led weaning because he wasn't weaning, just adding to his boob buffet!) with my now two and a half year old son. It was easy and fun and so amazing to see that the whole baby food industry is a big fat scam! We didn't even make our own baby food. We gave our child real, whole foods, starting with bananas, and enjoyed the show. He never ate "baby food", he ate "people food". He was and is incredibly healthy and I can't imagine doing it any other way. But if I hadn't heard about this idea from a friend, I would have been there with my blender concocting all kinds of healthy slop. It is my hope that this idea gets out to the mainstream. Thanks for posting!

  2. Hi Sara! I much prefer the term child led eating, but BLW is pretty much the accepted term, so I went with it to avoid confusion.
    Good for you listening to your baby andnot buying into the baby food commerciality


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