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Saturday, May 15, 2010

What The Heck Is Baby Led Weaning?

First of all, to avoid confusion, the term baby led weaning applies to a method of introducing solids, and the term child led weaning applies to an approach of weaning a baby or child of the breast.

Maybe we'd better start off telling what baby led weaning is not. It's not jars of baby food and purees and mush. It's non-coercive and not dependant on pre-fixed schedules.

It is truly a baby led approach to introducing solids, which might look different in every household that practices it. It's kind of an unschooling food approach for babies. There are no golden rules and everyone can approach this as they see fit.
So, with baby led weaning, the child will get to nibble, suckle, bite the kinds of foods he finds interesting at the time he is interested in them. He might be interested in something off your plate and you will guide him on his journey of discovering tastes and textures.

It might be wise to cook salt-free and put the salt on the table for individual use, as baby's kidney's can't handle the enormous quantities we tend to absorb (in fact, neither can we, so going a bit lighter on salt might be beneficial for the entire family) . if you are worried about allergens, you might want to divert your childs attention from them, again, this is all up to you.

I think BLW is much more about changing ones mindset about food than it is about how to do it.

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  1. I love this post. I've come across so many baby led weaning "rules", and in the end, I just feel like... this is BABY led, right? Then why are WE making rules? The most important outcome, for me, is helping my sweet boy to develop a healthy attitude about food and encouraging him to listen to his body. Whatever that means, then that's the path we follow that day... each day tends to be different. There's so much science behind this concept, from the gut's readiness, to the breastfed baby's chewing mechanism, but ultimately, it's just letting our little ones do what they know they're ready to do...

  2. couldn't agree more! However, for many parents, this is a completely foreign concept, so it does require some clarification.
    For us, when we started it, it kind of came naturally, and I believe with this second child it will be even more intuitive


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