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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sunday Surf

Peaceful Parenting had an article about how sunscreen may actually accelerate cancer, and as a little sidenote, this info has been carefully hidden in some obscure part of my government's health website for a very long time, yet strangely, nobody is crying wolf (loud enoughh). On the same blog, a rebuttal to Better Homes and Gardens' 10 Commandments of Dining With Children. If you've missed the buzz, you can jump right in here.
For just a few short years (during the time they are babies) kids need their mom. Sure, she can escape for a dinner out here and there without much fuss - but why not take them along on occasion and let them soak up culture and learn how to behave right along side you from day one?
Dionna (Code Name Mama) joins the discussion by analysing the sanity of breastfeeding in a public bathroom.

 Jeff (Just A Bald Man) had some great posts this week, the most recent one about dealing with your family member's different reactions to stress, and the other one about unjobbing.

Processing stress effectively, and having reactions, is a good thing for a healthy mind and body.
Red kitchenette shares her view of how informing mothers could change some of the harmful practices in industrialized childbirth.

 It's such a slippery, slippery slope. So much of it could be avoided if women were aware how interventions cause a snowball effect and knew what questions to ask.  



  1. Thank you for mentioning me :) Looking forward to reading the other!

  2. Well, it was a really great article, I think it has been shared around quite a lot too.


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