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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sunday Surf

API speaks had a great post on baby training and its negative effects on breastfeeding.

Following the Gentle Discipline Carnival, I found a great post on Christianism and spanking at Love The Child. The Carnival of Gentle Discipline supplied many a great post on peaceful parenting; Dionna from Code Name:Mama had a wonderful post on gentle discipline, written from the child's perspective. And I absolutely adored Arwyn's post on Choosing Joy over sorrow and frustration... If there were any reason to not spank, this might be it.

If you haven't followed the Carnival Of Gentle Discipline, I suggest you check it out, there are really some great posts. While you are over there, please vote for your favourite post. The winner gets a 25$ gift certificate. You don't even have to vote for me :), just follow your heart.

An article that really opened my eyes, again by Dionna, but this time on API Speaks (note to Dionna, you can only write one great article a week, otherwise people will think I'm prejudiced), about how tickling can be a form of coercion.

Find a wonderful post on the umbilical cord on Bellies and Babies.

Chronicles Of A Nursing Mom had a very cute compilation of breastfeeding quotes.

I recently discovered "Just A Bald Man", written by a daddy, for once, had a great post about unschooling and unparenting.

Happy surfing!



  1. Thank you, I'm honored :) And I loved Arwyn's post too! I loved the Carnival of GD, and I'm glad she's going to do it twice a year. We all need reminders.

    That umbilical cord post is amazing! Thanks for sharing it.

  2. Great reading!

    My Sunday Surf is here:

  3. @ Paige I seem to have forgotten the mr linky. You think it would be worth 'investing' in getting a custom sunday surf linky?
    @ Dionna Yep, very happy indeed that it will be recurrent. I have discovered it to be a them I like to blab about :)


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