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Monday, May 24, 2010

Authentic Parenting Blog Carnival: Radical Parenting

The topic of this first ever Authentic Parenting Blog Carnival was 'radical parenting'. After a bumpy ride and some motivating, pleading and begging, I received some great submissions.

A while back Kimberly from Fertility Flower donated a guest post for the purpose of this carnival, where she talks about natural duration breastfeeding and lactivism as forms of radical parenting.
In the early days, what I most definately did NOT want to be was one of those women who pushed the envelope, breastfeeding a toddler.  Now, I look at those women and I salute them because breastfeeding has changed me forever. 
Sherri at Sidhe Herbal writes about how she overcame the bedtime rebellion by using her botanical knowledge. She even throws in a little recipe and I must say it sounds lovely!
Most nights we snuggle up to a nice cup of passion flower tea and read our story. Unwind from the day and enjoy each other. Then time to tuck in and drift off to sleep smelling the lavender.
In 'Nobody Puts Baby In A Crib' Connected Mom is prompted by her 2-year old to write about cosleeping.
Sleep sharing is supremely natural.  My child belongs with me.  She needs me in the most basic, simple, yet all-consuming way that she will ever need.
Jeff  'Just a Bald Man' Sabo talks about the uselessness of giving your children chores, to which I whole heartedly agree.
Is it my kids' fault that I can tolerate less mess than they can? Of course not. I'm like three times as big as they are, so the house seems three times as big to them as it does to me. If the entire house if a mess in my eyes, only one third of it is messy to them. That's my problem, not theirs.

While I didn't really have distinct expectations for this carnival, and deliberately left the 'radical parenting' topic open to consideration for the submitting blogger, it surprised me that all forms of radical parenting described in these posts,  are actually different topics within natural parenting. Breastfeeding, herbal remedies, cosleeping and avoiding coercion are in fact all aspects of parenting authentically. So is authentic parenting really just radical parenting? Maybe, at least in the sense that it does go back to the roots and nature of humanity.

Thanks to these magnificent bloggers for participating. I hope you enjoyed this carnival and that you will be back for the next edition, which will be two months from now. For more information, see the carnival tab.


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