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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Authentic Parenting Blog Carnival: Call For Entries

I'll be hosting the first ever Authentic Parenting Blog Carnival at the end of the month (if I get any entries, that is). This month's theme is 'radical parenting' and from there, anything goes.

You don't have to be/consider yourself a radical parent to enter. What is radical parentng anyway? Did someone over call you a radical parent?
The etymological meaning of radical is to reach back to the roots of something.
Here's something I wrote about radical parenting a while ago.

Still unsure about what to write: this top ten of 'radical parenting techniques' that might inspire you. (Or shock you, we're doing four of them, and with the next baby we might go up to five). Maybe you just want to make your own top ten.

Submissions are due on the 17th of this month! I am looking forward to reading them and hope this takes off.



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