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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Unschooling: Opening Up A Window Of Opportunity

This post is written as a submission to the Enjoy Life Unschooling Blog Carnival. This carnival is hosted monthly (soon twice monthly) at Enjoy Life Unschooling. This months theme is "To Open".

Unschooling has certainly opened up a land of opportunity for my entire family. Imagine the freedom a family gains when they are not bound by school schedules, homework deadlines. When there are no ties to school holidays and there is no dropping off and picking up and days regulated by a loud and obnoxious bell.

School used to be a great worry our family had. We became expats so I would be able to stay with the kids, but by becoming expats, we had created a totally different set of problems when it comes to our kids education. Why?

  • There are no good schools in our proximity when living on a plantation in Africa
  • We move around quite often, which is problematic when you have your children in school
  • The countries we have lived in so far follow French school systems, of which I am not a great fan
  • If there is a school available, it's often at in the nearest city; which would mean I'd have to move to the city, and my husband would remain on the plantation, which is not an option for our family
  • The schools that are available often only have a handful students and are based on some kind of correspondence system, of which, again, I am not a big fan
  • Conventionally schooling our children would also have a huge impact on our holidays, since you cannot just take your children out of school whenever you feel like it (now doesn't that just seem odd to you, they're your children, after all), now we are on a one month every five months schedule, if we were schooling, we'd have to adapt to school holidays
  • There is no possibility whatsoever to have your children go through high school here
All this considered, it was pretty clear we weren't going to school our children this way. This left two choices:
  1. Sending them off to Europe (either with me or at their grandparents) when they hit high school age
  2. Homeschooling
Now you can imagine that neither of those solutions attracted us, being a very tight family that doesn't like to be seperated for extended periods, but ot wanting to play the teacher for my kids all the time either.

But then there was unschooling!!!

Image courtesy of The Unnamed on Flickr
Finding out about unschooling has erased all the worries we had about school, and more. We had always thought my husband would be employed for the entire duration of our children's schooling, otherwise, how would we pay for it? Even though we really want to be self-employed one day; we'd put off that option until we have provided our children's education. Now we have discovered unschooling, that won't even be necessary!
Our children will be able to learn wherever we are, whatever they want and without it costing us an arm and a leg.

Can you imagine the possibility? The excitement? We're already making plans of travelling the world until we find that place we want to settle in.

So what about you? What possibilities has unschooling opened for your family?


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