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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sunday Surf

In the light of current attacks on unschooling, I thought this post by Boheime on Living Peacefully With Children would be just what the doctors ordered.

The Unnecesarian has written a wonderful opinion piece in Opposing Views, where she urges women to stand up for themselves and complain if they have been manhandled in childbirth.She says truthfully:
"until women complain, and complain loudly, for a long time, in ways that anger people and make them uncomfortable, nothing ever changes."
I found a very well written article on Cherish the Child about the safety of baby skin care products.

Julie at He Who Laughs Last writes a nice post about how dating and relationships have changed through the sexual revolution. And Free Birth has a post about how everything is sexual, yet sex is shameful in our 'modern' culture.

If you have read or written a particulary good post this week, link it up here, if you are participating in Sunday Surf, add your link below. And again, don't mind the green thumb thingy.

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