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Friday, April 30, 2010

Spank Out Day, USA

Today is Spank Out Day in the USA, an initiative initiated in 1998 to create awareness of the need to end the use of corporal punishment. On this day, parents, caregivers and guardians are urged to refrain from using spanking as a punitive measure.

Wonderful as any initiative aimed at minimizing corporal punishment might be, one can wonder how this can be a one day event. What happens after this day to families and caregivers who have partaken in the event? Do they just become their spanking little selves again? Do you go about spanking your kid 364 days a year and than on Spank Out Day, for this one day, you don't?

In fact, many countries have already adopted laws that forbid corporal punishment, leaning on the idea that it is in fact a violation of international human rights law.

Yet voices rise against making spanking illegal. People tend to see it as conflicting with a family's freedom of choice. But why would this be a valid choice, any more than murder, rape or

Spank Out Day


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  1. I agree - striking a child should not be a legal choice. Just like striking an adult is not a legal choice.


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