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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Quote of the day

That is the war I have referred to, of man against woman. There is a demand that women should be kept in ignorance of the truth of childbirth and that they should be unquestioningly submissive to the recommendations and demands of the orthodox obstetric profession. They do not know that this submission may expose them to routine interference and physical injury without any clinical indication that can justify such assault upon their bodies.
- Grantly Dick-Read, Childbirth Without Fear 


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  1. I wouldn't characterize it as a man-woman thing. The women obstetricians that I've dealt with were much more into the ˝my-way-or-the-highway˝ way of doing ˝business.˝ But, yeah...much of my birth experience was wrong, meaning - against what I knew should happen.


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