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Monday, April 26, 2010

Musings On Motherhood

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You never know how much motherhood will change your life until you hold that tiny newborn in your arms. And even then, it will take a few moments to have the scale and scope of it sink in.

First there is this overwhelming love. A love you never knew you could feel, you never even knew existed. A love that is never-ending, unconditional, infinate, overpowering, transcendental... I can continue to sum up adjectives, but not one can describe how it feels to love your child, it is something you must experience first hand.
It seems a silly thing to say. Surreal maybe. But I can bet there are some mommies out there reading this knodding their heads off.

And then there is the life altering experience of it. It sips in slowly, steadily until one day, you realise it's there. Your life will never be the same.
There will be things you used to do before you became a mother that you'll never have the time for again. There might be things you never considered doing before. You might just find yourself covered in paint and dirt playing hide and seek in the garden and spending an hour trying to catch snails, and suddenly wonder whatever happened to the pre-mommy you.

You will never be carefree again. You'll always wonder how your little one is doing. If you find the luxury to have some private time, some long desired me-time, you will catch yourself thinking about your baby. Maybe you'll even feel a little guilty for indulging yourself. You'll never be alone again, for there will always be someone else to consider.

Becoming a mother puts things in perspective. It sheds a different light on All Things Formerly Known As True. Not only does it alter your lifestyle, it alters your thoughts and perceptions. What you held dearly before seems futile now, and things you found silly before may very well become the summit of your day.

Becoming a mother, it changes all. There might be a few things you will miss, but you'd miss so much more if you didn't.




  1. I like this post. I have felt the almost identical feelings before with the birth of some of my children. Yes, I said some. I do believe that not all moms are attached to their children at birth. Sometimes it has to do with factors like, a bad or different birth experience, an unwanted pregnancy, or any number of reasons surrounding the birth. A lot of moms feel guilty or bad if them don't share the wonderful "love at first sight" feeling you described. Because I have been in both situations I can honestly say it is OK to grow to love your own child and cultivate that attachment or to have it blossom full force at birth or even before. We all come at motherhood from differnt directions and I celebrate it when I see a mom reach that life changing moment of "I'm the mother!"

  2. Thank you Susan, for this comment. The subject of not instantly loving your child is so tabou, whenever one tries to talk about it, there is this brick wall you hit.


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