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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Mommy Blogs vs Serious Journalism

A while back, mommy blogs were being smeared in the NY times. They were painted 'expensive hobbies' for bored suburban mothers. Now, while the term mommy blogs does not offend me as such - I am a mom, I blog - the connotations of it being a futile hobby for white middle class American women does bother me. The idea that all mommy blogs would represent one big pile of crappy internet content also bothers me. There are many many different kinds of 'mommy blogs' out there, each having their own audience and their own style, so don't throw everything on a pile and call it crap. Sure there are rather trivial 'mommy blogs' out there, but who are we to judge? And what is it about crafts or cooking that would make blogs less interesting or relevant? The fact that they are being read, that they have their audience, does that not validate those blogs?

But I'm deviating here.

On the other side you have 'serious journalism'. Yet, nowadays, a lot of that serious journalism takes the form of blogs. Some of them are written by women, of whom some are even mothers... Most of them are even white, middle class and American! Does that make those blogs mommy blogs? Or is the mere fact of getting paid for blogging enough to shed the 'mommy blog' label? Do you have to be associated with a big publishing company to be a serious journalist/blogger?

At least we can be sure of one thing: it is not the content that makes the label.

'Serious Bloggers' sure don't do any more - I might say often even less - research than 'mommy' bloggers. That's being proven over and over by the flood of crappy opinion pieces originating from the 'radical parenting' TV show. I have discussed one of those very crappy pieces of journalism a while ago. Lately, my inbox (I have a google alert set for unschooling) is flooded with those poor quality 'opinionated' pieces of 'journalism', some of them on major publication's websites. They all have two things in common: they are highly judgemental and poorly researched.

Isn't that ironic? I can give you a list of 'mommy blogs' that do real research for their posts. That write scientifically funded articles, yet they are doomed to remain mommy blogs... Moreover, most of the 'mommy blogs' I read are very openminded and not at all judgemental... so maybe that's what sets the difference, the adherance to hegemony.

The sad thing is that those crappy pieces of internet content do matter, they shape minds, they influence opinions. Readers think becaue it is featured on a well renowned platform, it m,ust be solid an believe every closeminded word that is published. So when they say unschooling is crazy and should be illegal, a large part of their readership swallows that, knods and goes about their day. Not only is that sad, it should be illegal ;)



  1. Well said, couldn't agree more. Looking forward to reading more of your posts!
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