Google+ Authentic Parenting: Unexhaustive List Of Indicators That Unschooling Might Be Just The Thing For Your Family (rerun)

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Unexhaustive List Of Indicators That Unschooling Might Be Just The Thing For Your Family (rerun)

  • You don't want to 'teach' your child
  • You realize there are lots of things you don't know and are willing to discover them alongside your child
  • You are prepared to be a guide, a facilitator and a model to your childs learning adventure, but sometimes only looking in, a bystander.
  • You want a hands-off approach for your childs learning experience
  • You have complete trust in your childs ability to learn, learning is a natural process that shouldn't be meddled with
  • Coercion is not a word in your family's vocabulary
  • You think the traditional schooling system is dramatically flawed
  • You don't want your child to be raised by another person or institution for 8 to 12 hours a day, 16 years of his life.
  • You resist the idea that life can be divided into arbitrary categories o knowledge aka subject matter
  • You do not believe in punishment and reward
  • You want your child to be at home, but you don't want that to bring on extra 'work' for you
  • You realize that each person learns at their own pace and this does not define their 'smarts'
  • You are not keen on the division into age groups (read the misconception of age groups)
  • You want your children to grow up to be critical thinkers instead of mindless sheep 
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  1. Wonderful, I tweeted the link plus 3 of my fave points from the list :)

  2. Thanks a lot Ayla (love the name by the way, is that because of the book? - which I also loved), that's really cool

  3. Yes. Looking at nature, all mammals trust their children's ability to learn all they need to learn to master their being in the habitats they live in - compulsion is a profound statement of mistrust, and children FEEL that even if it is not expressed. That is no way to FEE good about oneself, naturally...

    I would add that we un-school because we want to meet the person the child is, and are excited to see that person develop their skills and abilities and look forward to what that person can teach us too.

    Love the blog...

  4. Thanks Corneilius! And thanks for that beautiful comment. You are right that children feel if they are trusted and respected... I think that feeling is most important. Trust and respect for one another should really be the basis of education (and it is basically nonexistant in traditional schooling)

  5. Great list! So much more eloquent than I'd put it. I usually just phrase it as I'm too lazy to actually "teach" anything and the kids learn just fine that way! Definitely like your way of putting it better!

  6. love this :) & reading it has made me realise how far my philosophy on 'learning'has come over the past few years...and how our focus as a family has evolved to be way more about 'embracing life' & 'respectful relationships' rather than 'education'. thx so much :) (sorry - one-hand typing with fresh newborn in my arms!)


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