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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Kids Indoor Activities

Children tend to get nervous when they can't go outside, often to great dismay of their parents. Yet staying in shouldn't be dreaded, because there are lots and lots of fun things we can do indoors. Just a few examples:

Now maybe reading doesn't tick the box for all children but a lot of them are avid readers, given the right reading material. Comic books can be a good read on a rainy day. Or the entire family can sit down to read to each other, kids books can be read by more than one person, each person taking on a different character.

Maybe not the most educatinal choice, but what's better than lying down on the coach with the ntire family on a dreary day, watching a nice family movie or animation, with a cup of hot chocolate or some popcorn.

Board games
Any type of multiplayer game that can be an afternoons worth of fun for the entire family... even computer games.

Game consoles
Not every parent is a huge fan of gaming, yet given the right game, consoles can quickly become a fun and entertaining way to have siblings play together or even have parents involved in play.

Put up a play/make a movie
Maybe your kids want to create their own piece of theatre, or make a movie while they are at it. They can dress up, write little scenes or act out scenes from a book or move.

Night at the club
Darken a room, put in some mood lighting, put on some music and your kids will have a blast pretending they're out in the club.

Puppet theatre
If your kids are younger, they might enjoy a little puppet mastery from mom or dad, or you can ask the older kids to put up a puppet play for the younger ones.

Build a camp
Have them build camps with pillows and blankets and chairs

Obstacle course
Use what you have lying around. have them go under tables, over chairs, zigzag between pots... be creative, you can use the whole house or just one room.

Arts and crafts
These are a great way to keep your kids busy for an afternoon. Think outside the box, for example making floral arrangements is something a lot of kids really enjoy

Have your child help out in the kitchen. You could bake a cake or pie or some crepes, and when it's finished, you can all enjoy what you made together.

There are of course many many more things kids can do indoors, it's enough to get a little creative Most often kids have enough imagination to find an activity on their own... and remember, it never hurt anyone to be just a little bored every once in a while. It might even spark their creativity.



  1. Stopping from SITS! My sister and I used to love to put on plays when we were little.

  2. Thanks for stopping by, hope you are enjoying what you find here.
    I loved puuting on plays too! We used to spend hours dressing up, directing, performing...

  3. You just brought me back to my childhood! My siblings and I used to make up dance shows for my parents and other family members. Those are part of the best memories I have.

  4. Hi Vivianne, thank you for visiting. Hope you enjoy your stay.

  5. How about making a treasure hunt up for them with clues to find their Easter basket or birthday presents. That would be fun!

    Visiting from SITS.


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