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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Giveaway at Hobo Mama

I found the cutest giveaway at Hobo Mama. It's Worldwide!!! It's a miniature Mei Tai for your baby to wear their doll in. My daughter is already very handy at the African backwear, so this could be the opportunity for her to learn other carrying styles!
Go check it out... Did I tell you it's worldwide!!!



  1. Thank you! I'm very impressed that your daughter is already a master babywearer.

    I love having my giveaways open worldwide, because you meet so many interesting people!

  2. It's so sad that so many giveaways are only open to US and Canada. There's a lot of stuff out there we simply can't get in Europe (and certainly not here in Ivory Coast)...
    About the babywearing mastery... If you see something every day, done by all women, it's pretty easy to pick up (gotto love Africa for their babywearing), but I must admit the baby does fall to the floor every once in a while, but maybe by the time she has a little brother or sister, she'll be skilled enough.


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