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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Dirty, naked and barefoot

Dirty, naked and barefoot. That’s how my child prefers to be (except her hands, they must remain clean at all time... she has a very strange obsession about that and it has been going on from birth) and that is how she is about 75% of time. If we get lucky we can put a diaper on her, but she would be just as happy to pee in the garden, the way her dog does.
I used to get a lot of comments about this: Don’t you ever dress your child? Haven’t you got the money to buy her clothes? How can she not be wearing a diaper?
But most of those commenters have now seen the light and let their child run naked, just as our little girl does. The next question was what we do when she pees on the ground. LOL Well, we clean it up, of course. It’s not like it’s that different from cleaning it off a diaper or off their bum.
Honestly, what is better then to run in the grass or on the beach the way nature made you? (or the way God created you, if you wish) Why bother with clothes if they will just get dirty? If you get some dirt on your skin, you can just rinse it off... that in itself is even a whole lot of fun!
I admit, we do live in a climate which particularly ask for minimalism of dress. But even when we are in Belgium in the winter, most of the time my child is running around naked, at least when she’s in the house.
Image: Jason Anfinsen
Let your children enjoy their bodies. Don’t be to bothered with clothes. The less they wear them, the less work for you, right? Think of all the ironing and washing you’ll save. They’ll be covering up soon enough. 

What I wouldn’t give to run around naked only half the time my daughter does. But sadly, inhibition got to me. 



  1. Thats funny :D
    My son hates to wear a diaper, too. He's 14 months. This past summer was very warm here in Finland so we got into the habit of being diaper-free. Now it's too cold to go outside without a diaper but in the house he prefers to be without.
    It is so much nicer to not pee in the diaper! I don't usually catch the pees in time but it's ok to just wipe the floor. Poos are easier to catch ;) Once not so long ago he had a diaper on and he pooed. Then he turned around to see what he had made and saw nothing! He kept turning around looking for it not realising it was in the diaper.
    Nice that a child is aware of these functions.

  2. I can picture the scene, Riita, that's so funny.
    kids who go diaperfree a lot of the time are potty trained much easier.
    My daughter still dislikes clothes (she's 2 and 4 months now). Even when we're in Belgium in winter, she runs around the house nakes, saying" oh it's cold!"

  3. My five year old is like that. My 22 month old only tolerates diapers when we leave the house. He sleeps beside me diaperfree then I take him to the bathroom and he pees. He's so funny :).

  4. Er um...ironing? Yeah, I don't iron.

    I have three nekkey boys running around, too (unless it's dress-up time) And they love it. They basically strip the moment the front door is shut and stay that way inside or out while we're home. As babies they have gone out nakkey in the wrap & no one even knew. It would have freaked some people out to know there weren't dipes on our babes. Teehee!

  5. Where I live it hits -40 Celsius on a regular basis, making it a hassle to heat the house enough to allow much nakedness. However, undeterred, I just put legwarmers on my son and a shirt and he is then free to crawl around in all his naked glory (up until his bum gets cold, then I dress him). :D

  6. Yes! Nekkid baby is a happy baby. My daughter just loves being naked, and sometimes it's the only cure to a tantrum. Thank goodness they're rare. And we've been diaper-free since she was four months old, so it works even better.

    We live in Portland, OR, so constant nekkid baby isn't practical simply because it's frickin' COLD, and it's too expensive to keep the thermostat to a naked-friendly climate.

    However, I can't wait for summer so I can let her run around naked more. I remember living in Southern California, and my mom would let us run around naked as much as we wanted when we were little.

  7. @Touchstonez: no ironing? Talk about radical parenting dude!

  8. Elizabeth WalkerMarch 7, 2011 at 3:29 AM

    don't iron here either! But, for me, the laundry thing is still an issue. They go out to my mom's every, they like to try on different clothings! As a general rule though, they run around mostly naked! At least here at home!

    Potty training is so much easier too when they're butt free! I love it! Just wish my parents and other people would be as willing to just deal with it!

  9. My girls are nakie birds too. Even when it is chilly in the house they prefer to wear next to nothing then. It can be freezing and my youngest will opt for slippers instead of clothes still. And yes...they both must have clean hands at all times. Covered in muck from head to toe, but clean to love it.


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