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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Car seat trouble

When our daughter was smaller, we never had any issues with the carseat. We'd just put her in and she would fall asleep as soon as we tookoff, and sleep for the entire drive. We used to take her everywhere, all the time. But when she was just over a year, and became mobile, it was hard taking her to go shopping, because she'd be running around everywhere, trying to touch things, pulling things off racks... so from then on, we decided to leave her at home - at least for the shopping trips. Result was that she wasn't in the car all that often any more, except for short trips on weekends.
That again led to her resenting the carseat. Imagine, this is a child who is never constrained against her will, and then suddenly, you want to strap her up in an uncomfortable carseat. It speaks for itself that she didn't like this one bit. It became so bad that even at the mere sight of that car seat, she started crying out, screaming, kicking and what not. We probably added a dose by taking her out of it when she cried during the drive.

I wasn't feeling comfortable with where this whole thing was headed... Having her cry in the seat hurt my hart, but holding her was dangerous and could eventually hurt her. What to do? We couldn't just not put her in the car anymore.
So last friday, enough was enough. I put her in the carseat, struggle and all, and went to sit next to her. I explained she had to be in the seat for her safety, that we wouldn't be letting her out until we got to our destination. That this was the only way we could get to the beach, and that I would be at her side the entire way.
Obviously, she cried. I sang some songs to her, until she asked to be nursed. So I leaned over to breastfeed her. She sobbed a little, suckled for about ten minutes and fell asleep. Ever since, she's been accepting to get in the carseat (although she's still not fully convinced).

I'm so very proud that we managed to get her back into the carseat, with little crying after all. Comes to show that there's a soft alternative for everything.
Ever experienced problems getting your child into the car? How did you handle it?



  1. Baby has always hated his carseat, so I've become a pro at nursing in the car. Just like at home, breastfeeding is the most reliable way for me to calm him down and reassure him he's safe and everything will be ok. He usually nurses to sleep pretty quickly on long car rides. I don't know what I'd do if I had to take him somewhere without hubby's help. I think at this point he'd be pretty upset about it still.

  2. I totally get that! At this point I wouldn't be able to get her somewhere in a car if I wasn't sitting next to her. Luckily I don't drive... haha. Anyway, breastfeeding is the answer to (almost) everything! Thank God for boobies!


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